Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Small Spaces: Organizing & Decorating Tips

Living in a small space poses many challenges from an interior design perspective. Too much furniture and your home feels small and cluttered. Too little and you lack the functionality you need for day-to-day living.
From furniture placement to controlling clutter, maximizing what you have is a must if you want to get more from less space. Here are some tried and true tips for maximizing your small abode.
Divide and Conquer -- Instead of breaking up your floor plan into individual rooms, consider an open layout that uses strategically placed furniture to divide the space.
Go for Light and Bright -- Use lighting to create a sense of spaciousness. Start by allowing in as much natural light as possible, keeping window coverings to a minimum and using bright paint colors.
Supplement with Lighting -- Augment natural light with sufficient general, ambient and task lighting. Your lighting design should take into account the different ways you use the space.
Get (and Stay) Organized -- When designing your small space, think about storage in every room. Consider adding built-in bookcases, cupboards or cabinets, and using furniture with built-in storage.
Think Versatility and Flexibility -- Keep multiple uses in mind when considering your design needs. Search for furniture that can do double duty, like a coffee table that converts to a dining table or a dresser that serves as a nightstand.

Houston Shopping Tips -- For your organizational needs, stock up at IKEA and The Container Store. Shop the massive showroom at High Fashion Home for everything from furniture to fabrics. Hunt for ornamental pieces to set off your space at Adkins Architectural Antiques & Treasures. For custom design furniture that's eco-friendly, visit New Living.


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