Thursday, June 25, 2015

Creative Control: Unique Fences that Combine Form and Function

Texas inspired fence in Houston's Old 6th Ward
Whether you are trying to contain a pet, give your backyard paradise a little bit of privacy or keep the neighborhood dog from digging up your daisies, good fences make good neighbors.
Here are a few creative fence ideas that combine form and function:
Recycled Fun -- From skis to surfboards, windows to wine bottles,almost anything can be recycled or upcycled to create a beautiful boundary to your property. Choose a material that reflects your passions!
Living Walls -- If it's meant to contain your plants, why not make your fence part of the garden by building a fence that doubles as a living wall? It's easy -- all you have to do is fill your fence with your favorite herbs or succulents.

Fence with a Pet Portal -- What better way to keep man's best friend busy in the backyard than with a window to the outside world? Check out this fence with a view.
Work of Art -- Why not turn your fence into an extension of your interior design? From quirky to elegant, these fences truly are an expression of the homeowners.
Heightened Hedges -- Get creative with your hedge design by shaping your trees into quirky geometric or animal shapes. Almost any tree or bush can be used as a hedge, but these varieties withstand trimming the best.
Houston Design Inspiration -- From white picket to whimsical, take a stroll Houston’s historic neighborhoods like the Heights and the Old Sixth Ward on the edge of downtown.  

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