Thursday, March 6, 2014

What makes the Houston Heights so fun!?

In perusing the latest issue of Bayou City magazine, I was pleasantly surprised to see several of my favorite things to do in their 2-page spread on the Heights.  So, apologies to Bayou City for the overlap (and kudos to y'all for knowing the cool places to chill!) and apologies to my readers for the Heights focus of this list, but the Heights is a great place to hang out whether you live here or not!  

When you're looking for some excitement and the typical museums, bars, and entertainment venues aren't going to cut it, try these on for size...

 OPERA IN THE HEIGHTS   I LOVE this place - gifted performers up-close-and-personal!  Their 2013-2014 season is almost over, but there's still time to catch the final act March 28-April 6 - Lucia di Lammermoor - "Donizetti's heroine shows that a family feud can drive a girl crazy!" - hmmm... sounds familiar... I'm there!

2013-2014 Season Art, Illustrations by Robin Kachantones
Illustrations by Robin Kachantones

1ST SATURDAY ARTS MARKET   The name says it all...   1st Saturdays every month.  Art in the streets.  Deals from local shops.  Live entertainment.  Food trucks.  19th Street in the Heights.

BINGO at the Czech SPJST Lodge 88   Every Thursday night, droves of barely-legals, yuppies, and old folks descend upon the old Czech cultural center on the west side of the Heights to grab their bingo sheets and cheap pitchers of Shiner, anticipating a night of good-ole-fashioned fun for charity.  For the more adventurous, check out their big band, polka, and C&W dances Saturday nights!

Bingo game sheets and purple dopper at Bingo in the Heights.Photo by Megan Daic, as published by

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