Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Uncommon Grocery Shopping Experiences in Houston

Yes, we like our groceries in Texas.  Austin is home and headquarters of the Whole Foods phenomenon.  And the Hill Country-based Howard E. Butt family grocery chain, HEB, arguably reigns as the king grocer in H-town.  But here are some not-so-common grocery shopping experiences that help make a big city like ours feel like a cozy hometown to so many of us Houstonians....


Revival Market - White Oak Dr. @ Heights Blvd.
  • Freshest butcher cuts of locally raised stock
  • Premium selection of meats, cheeses, dairy products, and pastry treats
  • In-house coffee bar and deli
  • Yummy soups and sammies
  • Daily selection of take-home pre-made dinners


Central Market - Westlayan @ Westheimer
  • Yes, it's become a bit mainstream, but we still only have ONE Central Market in town, so it still makes the cut
  • HEB's epicurean mecca- foodie heaven
  • Large-scale depot for hard-to-find culinary delights and prepared foods
  • Vast selections of cheeses, fresh-baked breads, pastries, premium meats, and wines
  • Premium floral department and eat-in deli
  • Cooking classes - great place to meet like-minded epicures or take your favorite date


The Katy Freeway's iconic larger-than-life love note by renowned local sculptor David Adickes

The spirit of Houston is unmistakable. 



 hard-working and fun-loving,

sophisticated and raw,

open and opinionated,

proud and down-to-earth.

We are Entrepreneurs. 

I am proud to be a native Houstonian, descendant of several generations of entrepreneurs who helped create a friendly,  inclusive, cohesive community in one of the hottest, flattest, most humid parts of this country - no small feat.  The entrepreneurial spirit that drives me today is not just a genetic trait I inherited from my family.  Entrepreneurial describes Houston to the core - once you've been here a while, I think you'll find you can't help but dream big when you've got wide open spaces all around you. 




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  • Insider Guides to Neighborhoods
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